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Art Club

Teachers In-Charge:

Mdm Liane Nonis
Mdm Liang Guiping
Mdm Haryati 
Miss Marinah Toh


The Art Club aims to develop patience, self-determination, curiosity, creativity, passion and love for art in its members. We aim to nurture our Art Club members into artists of the future, with the hope that they will pursue Art in their future course of study.

Membership is open to all Primary 2 to Primary 6 pupils who like to create, draw and paint. Activities carried out include drawing and painting, collage, clay-modelling, paper craft, visits to museums, outdoor sketching and on-the-spot art competitions. Members are encouraged to represent the school in various art competitions and events.

Achievements in 2014:

LTA “Bring It Out – The Thoughtful You” Art Competition2 Best Entries
The Most Supportive School Award


Participation in 2014:

NKF: Little Champs Programme
 On-the-Spot Art Competition
 Tan Kah Kee Art Challenge 2014
 The Thoughtful You 
 WRPS Staff Appreciation Night Cards
 YJC Values Day Art Competition

Achievements in 2013:

Singapore Road Safety Month 2013 – Road Safety Poster Design Competition3rd Prize
Nurture Nature Earth Awareness Day On-the-Spot Art Competition2nd & 3rd Prizes
YJC Celebrating Values Day On-the-Spot Art Competition2nd & 3rd Prizes
 Olympic Day Run Art Competition 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prizes 
 SYF 2013 Art Exhibition Certificate of Recognition 

Participation in 2013:

                                            'Drink Water' Mascot Design Competition
Batik Painting Souvenir-Making Activity for Trip to Shanghai
 Celebrating Values Day: Children's On-the-Spot Art Competition
 HDB 'Friends Next Door' Art Competition
 MILO Art Competition (Theme: MILO UHT Gives Me Energy To Go Further)
 NKF: Little Champs Programme (Education, Empathy & Enterpreneurship)
 National Fire & Civil Emergency Preparedness Council (NFEC) Art Competition
 Nurture Nature Earth Day 2013 Children's On-the-Spot Art Competition
 Olympic Day Run 2013 
 On-the-Spot Art Competition at Zhenghua Community Club
 P6 Manga Character Art Challenge 2013 (Interclass Art Competition)
 Road Safety Poster Design Competition
 Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition 2013
 The 4th KAO International Environment Painting Contest for Children
 Youth Environment Day Art Competition

Achievements in 2012:

Event Achievements
A is for Art by Asian Civilisation Museum Gold
There'll Never Be Another You by Great Eastern  2 consolation prizes 
Huamin Primary School(HMPS) On-the Spot Art Competition 1 consolation prizes

Participation in 2012:

Olympic Day Run Kite Colouring Competition
‘Trees are for Life’ Art Competition
‘Young Illustrators’ Award
 ‘Set Sail’ Drawing Competition by CNB

Huamin Primary School (HMPS) On-the Spot Art Competition
Art Club member, Muhammad Shadiqin, happily showing off his artwork which had won him a consolation prize in the competition

Olympic Day Run Kite Colouring Competition 
Some Art Club members taking a break for a group photograph while painting their kites after a refreshing morning run at the Olympic Day Run 2012.

artclub_03.jpg artclub_04.jpg 
artclub_05.jpg artclub_06.jpg

A is for Art (Making of the Seat of Honour)
Some Art Club members painting the sculpture of the eagle with paint, pasting reused shuttlecock feathers on the eagles’ head and gluing the cut-outs of aluminium tin cans as the ‘feathers’ of the eagle.