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Hip Hop

The Hip Hop Dance CCA is an art form with a moral purpose. It seeks to develop a sense of rhythm through the dance techniques and inculcate the values of discipline and perseverance in the participating pupils, therefore building up their character. In short, Hip Hop enhances the participants’ overall well-being. Pupils will gain exposure and experiences from joining various dance competitions. Pupils who have an interest in modern dance are strongly encouraged to join this dynamic CCA and pursue their passion in dancing.


Achievements in 2014:

Our participants have done the school proud in the Singapore Youth Festival by achieving the Certificate of Distinction. They have also done well in DanceWorks!2014. Besides that, all their stage performances have also won tremendous applause by the audiences.

Teachers in Charge

NameDesignation or Level in Charge
Mdm Wong Hui LynnOverall Teacher In-Charge
Mdm Lee Ai LianCCA Teacher
Mdm Huang Wanqi QueenieCCA Teacher
Mrs Patricia Sam
Miss Priya

Training Schedule

CCA Day/DatesTimingLevels Involved
Thursday3.45p.m - 5.45p.mAll

Chinese New Year 2014

DanceWorks! 2014


SYF 2014

SYF Celebrations @ Gardens by the Bay