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Soccer CCA is one of the niche sports in Woodlands Ring Primary School. Every year, we will conduct a period of selection to select the best 16 players for each Junior and Senior Division. It is an honour for the boys to represent the school in every game. The boys will develop and harness their psychomotor, cognitive and affective skills and at the same time displaying their talent and playing in various competitions. We have been in the North Zone Top 4 consecutively since 2012 Our past history of achievement includes being a Champion in the North Zone in 2006 and 2007 and second and third in the National Championship in the year 2006 and 2007 respectively.

Teachers in Charge

NameDesignation or Level in Charge
Mr Adli 
Mr Tarmizi 
Mr Rizal
Mdm Zawiyah

Training Schedule

CCA Day/DatesTimingLevels Involved
Tuesday and Thursday3.45 - 5.45pmSelected P3-P6 Students


2006Nationals - 2nd
North Zone - Champion
2007Nationals - 3rd
North Zone - Champion
 2012North Zone - 4th (Senior) 
 2013North Zone - 4th (Junior and Senior) 
 2014North Zone - 4th (Junior) 
 2015North Zone - Top 4 (Senior) - ongoing