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Department Introduction

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Vision and Mission


Confident and Competent Communicators in Internationally Acceptable English


The English Language Department seeks to equip our pupils with the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing so as to develop them into confident and effective users of the English Language in the 21st century.


We are guided by four interlinked principles (4A’s) – Appreciation, Acquisition, Application, Achievement – in our endeavours.

We believe in cultivating in our pupils an appreciation of the English Language which can ignite their passion for learning. We aim to be the agents which facilitate the pupils’ acquisition of necessary language skills, which can then be applied effectively in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Through the effective application of language skills, we hope that our pupils will be able to reach new levels of achievement in their learning. 

Specific Programmes

As part of our Whole School Approach to Effective Communication, the English Language Department is pleased to offer various programmes to develop our pupils’ competencies in the four language skills mentioned above. The details of some of these programmes are as follow:

ProgrammeWhat is it aboutTarget Group
Speak English Good Movement (SGEM)Activities that focus on speaking good English, in line with the national Speak Good English MovementAll pupils
Whole School Reading ProgrammeA collaboration with the National Library Board (NLB)
NLB librarians conduct various activities such as the following: 
- Mass Borrowing
- Story Telling
- Meet the librarian
- Read, Swap, Share
All pupils
EL Class Library All EL classrooms are stocked with age-appropriate books which pupils are encouraged to borrow and read All pupils 
Phonics @ Work 
  • In-house programme conducted in Term 1 by P1 teachers
  • Focuses on building pupils phonemic awareness 
All P1 pupils 

Names of Staff

Mrs Shaihba Naveen Head of Department, English Language 
Mrs Selva  Subject Head, English Language & Social Studies
Mrs Maria ChuaSenior Teacher, English Language
Mrs PalaniandySenior Teacher, English Language
Mdm Veronica Eu Whole School Approach to Effective Communication Champion  
Mdm Renugga Head of Department, CCE (Internal)
Madam Rahidah  Subject Head, Pupil Welfare & National Education 
Madam Faizah Learning Support Coordinator
Ms Lee Chin Han  Subject Head, Aesthetics (Covering) 
Mr Andy Lim Teacher 
Mdm AzlifahTeacher
Mdm Choo Zhihui Teacher 
Ms Diana Ang Teacher
Mdm Liane Joy Nonis Teacher 
Mrs Marion Lim  Teacher 
Mr Mohamed Adli Teacher 
Madam Nor'ain Teacher 
Mrs Patricia Sam Teacher 
Mdm Puvaneswary  Teacher 
Mr Rizal Amiruddin  Teacher 
Ms Shermin Pek Teacher 
Mdm Sufiya Teacher 
Mr Timothy Huang Teacher 
Ms Vanessa Raj Teacher 
Mdm ArulTeacher (Flexi-Adjunct)
Madam Nirmala Vasudey Allied Educator