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In conjunction with Total Defence Day 2005, the National Archives of Singapore (NAS) / Reflections at Bukit Chandu (RBC) has organized a Maths Trail ¨C Operation Maths Defence.
Twenty of our upper Primary pupils took part in the competition and they truly enjoyed themselves, putting their mathematical skills and logic deductions against each other to unravel fun and unusual clues to get themselves out of the tricky situational "roadblocks". Pupils were exposed to the local perspective of the World War 2, the dedication of the Malay regiment soldiers as well as the social history of Pasir Panjang. It is indeed an inter-disciplinary link between History and Mathematics, instilling the value of team work and perseverance.

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"I think that Maths Trail is very fun and meaningful as we can learn Maths and also think about the World War 2 like the Japanese Occupation.- Tim Wei Loke, 6W1 

"This trail is meaningful as we can rattle our brains to think of the solutions to solve the questions given and we could learn more about the events that had happened during World War 2. I think we should call this 'Maths and History Trail' " - Chin Pang, 6W1
"Maths Trail helps us to know more about Bukit Chandu and some events that happened in World War 2. It allows us to rack our brains to answer all sorts of questions which we have never come across in school. It also builds our team work and strengthens our friendship. - Natalie, 6W1

Green Olympiad Participants 2005

Congratulations to these winners who were BRONZE award recipients for the Mathematical Olympiad Competition held at Hwa Chong Institution yearly. The school sent participants and some of our participants clinched awards in the First Round of the Competition. 

First Round Winner 2005

Ken Wong Rong Kuen, 6W1
Malcolm Lee Wen Jie, 6W1

First Round Winner 2006

Soh Ming Li, 6 Violet


SAIL or paper cutting craft workshop

Presentation Time
A glimpse at our presenters
Listening attentively

 Strong partnership with Stakedholders and Community

N5 Parents' Symposium 2005 @ Admiralty Primary
Parents picking up tips!
Looking in amazement at how they can help their child at home
Eager parents trying to solve the Math problems
Mrs Joyce Lim giving the participants some hints
Explaining the meaning of heuristics