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Department Introduction

In line with the department's mission, teachers in the Malay Language department always strive to inculcate passion for the Malay heritage and culture in our pupils while nurturing them to become effective and confident communicators of their Mother Tongue language. When the love of one's heritage and culture has been ignited, pupils would intrinsically be interested to learn more about their Mother Tongue language.

Together we work towards our mission with the belief that each individual child is unique. The department provides multi-modal learning platforms with different teaching pedagogies such as Cooperative Learning and Multi-Intelligences.

Programmes such as our annual Composition Clinic, Comprehension Clinic and Cultural Camp provide a learning platform to foster pupils' learning and interest thus making Malay Language acquisition appealing and more enjoyable.

Vision, Mission & Values

VisionActive Learners, Proficient Malay Language Users who appreciate cultures and uphold values.
 We are committed to the teaching and learning of MTL to nurture active learners and proficient language users who appreciate cultures and uphold values.



What is it about

Target Group

1. Perkhemahan Budaya Klinik Karangan

A cross cultural programme that promotes learning of the Malay, Tamil and Chinese cultures through fun and hands on activities like Paper Weaving , Tea Appreciation and Rangoli Making.


2. Program Pertuturan &  Drama

A Speech and Drama programme aiming to instil confidence and inculcate the love of the Malay language


3. Program Oratorikal

A presentation skills programme that hones pupils’ confidence and fluency in using the Malay language to communicate.


4. Darmawisata ke Taman Warisan

A learning journey to Malay Heritage Centre that focuses on the origins as well as culture of the Malays


5. Klinik Kefahaman

A programme that aids pupils' skills and teaches strategies in comprehending and answering comprehension passages, which is an important examinable component.


6. Klinik Karangan

A programme that teaches useful writing skills and techniques necessary for pupils in order to write coherently and creatively


7. Kelas Bacaan (Malay Reading Mum) 

A programme with partnership with Partners In Education, Parent Volunteers that supports the acquisition of reading skills for the weaker readers.


7. Extensive Reading Programme (ERP) & Literature Appreciation 

Reading programme that merge extensive reading habits and also introducing different genre of the literatute world such as short stories, poems, limericks and such.  


Staff Names



Mdm Sri Rahayu Ramlan

Subject Head

Mdm Rozita Abdul Hamid

Senior Teacher

Mdm Nurhani Abu Naim 


Mdm Eity Norhyezah 


Mdm Siti Suraya Samat 


Mdm Zaleha Warti 


Mdm Hayati Murni Yaacob 


Mdm Norlizah Ali


Mdm Suzana Kamsir 


Mdm Nurshahidah Noor 


Mdm Norliah 

Flexi- Adjunct Teacher 

Mdm Bedah 

Flex- Adjunct Teacher 

Group Photograph with Minister

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Conversational Malay Language Programme

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MT Fortnight

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Links to Useful ML Websites

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