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PE/CCA/Aesthetics Department

Department Introduction

The school has a structured 6-year Aesthetics Learning Journey which is in line with PERI recommendations to balance the acquisition of knowledge with the development of skills and values. Conducted within curriculum time, the aesthetics modules provide pupils exposure in two areas — Performing and Visual Arts. The programmes create awareness and enrich pupils with a rich arts experience and equip them with the necessary basic skills in arts.

The school believes that the Performing Arts in still in pupils a sense of graciousness and an appreciation for the rich culture and heritage of a multi-racial society. 

Vision and Mission

VisionPassionate Leaders, Gracious Citizens
MissionEvery pupil is given the opportunity to participate in school or national events that promote understanding and appreciation for the Performing and Visual Arts

Names of Staff

Mdm Noordiana AminHead of Department PE/CCA/Aesthetics
Miss Lee Chin HanSubject Head Aesthetics (Covering)
Mdm JulianaSenior Teacher Art 
 Aesthetics Committee Members
Mrs Karine KhengSenior Teacher (Mathematics) 
Miss Yan XiaojingTeacher 
Miss Chin Shu FeiTeacher
Mdm Liang GuipingTeacher 
Ms Liane NonisTeacher 
Ms Marinah TohTeacher 

Specific Programmes

ProgrammeWhat It Is AboutTarget Group
Visual Art Programme

The pupils are exposed to various activities that are related to making works of art with one's hands and skills. The art lessons and enrichment programmes aim to educate the pupils to appreciate beauty of different genres of art and exercise creativity when creating art pieces.

P1 – Drawing and Painting

P2 Mixed Media and Collage

P3 Sculptures and Assemblages

P4  Digital Art & Clay Sculpture Design

P5  Digital Art

P6  Digital Art

Music Programme

The music curriculum engages the pupils in learning various musical instruments and developing their vocal skills at different levels. We strongly believe in developing the musical talent of our pupils as musical lessons do not only provide pupils with the knowledge or skill of playing a musical instrument but also enhance intelligence and academic achievement and building one’s self-esteem.

P1 & P2 – Community Drumming

P3 & P4 – Keyboard

P5 & P6 – Ukulele 

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) forms an integral part of our holistic education in Woodlands Ring Primary School. We strongly believe in providing an all-rounded education for every child to maximize his/her potential. CCA enables students to discover their interests and talents while providing a platform for friendships and social integration of students from diverse backgrounds.

Physical Sports

CCALevelTeacher In-Charge
Sports Club (All)P3-P6Miss Lee Shuqi
*Badminton (Girls)P3-P6Mr Timothy Huang
*Soccer (Boys)P3-P6 Mr Ahmad Tarmizi 
*Rope Skipping (Girls/Boys)P3-P6 Mdm Azlifah 
* Pupils are selected based on trials.

Performing and Visual Arts

CCALevelTeacher In-Charge
ChoirP2-P6Mdm Ng Lay Peng
Brass BandP2-P6Mrs Karine Kheng
Chinese dance P3-P6 Mdm Diana Law
Hip Hop Dance P3-P6 Mdm Wong Hui Lynn
Indian Dance P2-P6 Mdm Uma
Malay Dance P3-P6 Mdm Zaleha
Art ClubP3-P6Mdm Liane Nonis
Business Times Budding Artists Fund P3-P5 Mdm Juliana 
English Literary, Drama & Debate Society P3-P6 Mrs Maria Chua 

Uniformed Groups

CCALevelTeacher In-Charge
Cub ScoutsP3-P6Mr Edmund Chen


CCALevelTeacher In-Charge
Environmental Education ClubP3-P6Ms Faith Yee
Information Communication ClubP3-P6Mrs Marion Lim

CCA Policy

It is compulsory for Primary 3 to Primary 6 pupils to take part in at least one CCA, However, pupils who are already very active in a school-recognised sport / game outside school and training competitively at least four times a week may be excused. A letter from the club / association is to be handed to the HOD PE/CCA for verification purposes and pupils will have to submit their attendance at the end of every month.

Pupils are strongly advised to remain in the same CCA for the complete school year. Should he/she decide to leave his/her CCA in the course of the year, there must be a valid reason to warrant the change. This is subject to approval before another CCA is arranged for the pupil concerned.

Attendance is compulsory at every CCA session. A medical certificate or a letter from the parent is necessary if the pupil is absent.