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Rope skipping was officially introduced in Singapore in 2004 providing the athletes an avenue to grow and master the skills of rope skipping through competitions and workshops. In Woodlands Ring Primary School, Rope Skipping CCA focuses on imparting knowledge on different types of jump ropes and various techniques of rope skipping. Besides that pupils will be taught warm-up activities and stretches from jump rope and safety precautions for jumping and landing techniques and rope swinging techniques, single rope tricks and partner skills. Pupils will be introduced to creative jump rope games.

During CCA, the pupils are trained both on their physical fitness and skills building. Pupils who exhibit interest and shows ample development in the various skipping skills will be encouraged to participate in platforms like Zonal and National Rope Skipping Championships. Pupils with leadership qualities will be trained further to lead the beginners who join the rope skipping team.


Training days



2.05pm – 4.05pm


3.35pm – 5.35pm

Teachers ICs

Mdm Freeda

Mr Edward

Miss Lim Jie Ning



North Zone Rope Skipping Championships Junior Boys Speed relay

4th Position

 pic 1.jpg

North Zone Rope Skipping Championships Junior Boys Double Dutch

3rd Position

pic 2.png

North Zone Rope Skipping Championships Senior Double Dutch Senior girls

 4th Position

pic 3.png

North Zone Rope Skipping Championships Senior Girls Speed Relay

3rd Position

pic 4.png

National Rope Skipping Championships Team

pic 5.png