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School rules provide guidelines for acceptable pupil behaviour and conduct. Every pupil is expected to be familiar and comply with these stipulated rules, which apply within the school premises and at all school-organised activities held outside the school. 

1. Be honest, respectful and considerate

2. Be neat, tidy and properly attired.
    Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform. Modification to the uniform is not            allowed. Boys are to be clean-shaven. 

3. Be punctual at all times.

4. Love and take care of our school.

5. Uphold the name of our school and nation.

6. Take the pledge with conviction.
    Pupils who are Singapore citizens must take the pledge with the right fist placed over        the heart. 

7. Sing the National Anthem with pride.
    Pupils who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem.

All pupils are expected to show high standards of behaviour, both in school and outside school. When pupils misbehave in school / class, they will be dealt with by form, co-form, subject teachers or referred to the discipline committee. 

School UniformĀ 

All WRPS pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform (complete with canvas shoes and WRPS socks) whenever they enter the school premises for all activities. 

No modification to the school uniform is allowed.
School Uniform - Girls/ Boys

PE Attire - Girls/ Boys

Acceptable Hairstyles

Girls with Long Hair
Plait hair when it is long. 
Use simple black/dark blue hair accessories. 
Girls Hairstyle - Long Hair

Girls with Short Hair
Girls Hairstyle - Short Hair

Boys Hairstyle