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Principal's Message

Ms Chiam Lee Meng
Step into Woodlands Ring Primary School (WRPS) and be greeted by the warmth and ready smiles of our pupils and staff. Be it through our pupils’ boisterous laughter or our staff’s willingness to go the extra mile, WRPS exuberates a strong kampong spirit that unites every single member of the WRPS family.

Our WRPS unity complements our culture of CARE. This culture of CARE permeates the school. It is reflected in our acts of kindness, however small they may be, and the ways in which we communicate with one another. More importantly, our culture of CARE motivates us to remain faithful to our mission of nurturing our pupils to become lifelong learners and effective members of society.

Sitting on this current site, WRPS has served the community in nurturing the pupils around and beyond the estate since 1998. We are well-known for providing meaningful and engaging learning experiences for our pupils. Our pupils experience the joy of learning when they discover new knowledge, derive relevant skills, develop positive attitudes and cultivate good habits. Programmes are not just all fun and play; our pupils learn perseverance as they work on projects and endeavour to work well with their peers to complete their tasks.

As the school moves forward to a single session from 2015, we anticipate an even more closely knitted WRPS family. Accompanied by new facilities like bigger classrooms, a new library and a turf field, we will enjoy a richer and more conducive environment for learning and playing. As the school leader, I am proud to be part of all this excitement and I believe that each child will excel under our wings. Every WRPS pupil will become a confident person, self-directed learner, concerned citizen and an active contributor to the society We will forge ahead and not look back. We at WRPS DO OUR BEST!

Ms Chiam Lee Meng