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Discipline Department

Vision: Every pupil will be confident, gracious, upright and resilient individual who loves the family, school and nation. 

School Rules

Be honest, respectful and considerate
Be neat, tidy and properly attired*
Be punctual at all times
Love and take care of our school 
Uphold the name of our school and nation
Take the Pledge with conviction
Sing the National Anthem with pride  

Wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed* 

Spot Checks

Spot checks are carried out every term to ensure that pupils are properly attired and that their hair-style is acceptable.

Most Well-behaved and Most Improved in Behaviour

 1. To recognize pupils who exhibits exemplary behavior and are role models to their classmates
 2. To recognize pupils who made a conscious effort to change in their behavior or attitude in their studies. 

Every term, two pupils from each class are nominated by their classmates and teacher to receive these two awards.

Pupils who have been nominated will receive a certificate with remarks written by their form teacher on the qualities that were portrayed and observed.

Catch them Doing Right

Rationale:To promote good values in everyone, in and outside the school

Every time a pupil is "caught" doing right, he or she receives a sticker from a staff in the school which is to be pasted in the pupils’ planner. 

Examples of good deeds:-
  • Hands in work punctually
  •  Picks up litter without being told
  •  Encourages others
  •  Goes out of the way to help  someone
  •  Behaves when teacher is not around
  •  Cooperative

Stickers will be exchanged for various types of tokens according to the number of stickers they have every Term