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Values in Action (ViA)

In WRPS we would like to develop our pupils to be Passionate Learners and Gracious Citizens through the different VIA learning experiences. It is a learning experience in Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) that enhances pupils’ development as socially responsible citizens through ownership of their contribution to the community.


P1  and P2
Self &  Family 
P3  and P4
School & Community
P5  and P6
Nation & World
P1 - Canteen Cleaning & Home-based VIA
P3 - Happy Toilet Programme P5 - Newspaper Collection 
P2 - Responsible Pet Ownership & Home-based VIA P4 - Project Buddy Clean
P6 - Primary 1 Buddy

Pupils learn a range of valuable practical skills including problem solving, organizing, collaborating, project 
management, research, dealing with obstacles and setbacks, etc. Relationships are formed through the 
activities with the people around them in a meaningful and respectful manner.

Being actively involved in learning about and appreciating the community develops their sense of commitment 
in playing their part to make it a better place. When pupils apply what they learn, they make responsible choices 
and become informed and concerned citizens of good character.

P1 Buddy 2016

As part of the Primary 6 pupils Values-in- Action (VIA) activity, they were given the opportunity to be buddies to the Primary 1 pupils during the first three days of the school. It was a good platform for the pupils to display the school values of resilience, care and be responsible for others. A few pupils shared their learning experience with us.