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Information Communication Technology


The Information & Communication Club offers pupils an exciting 3-year journey into Digital Media. Under the guidance of our trainers, pupils learn Digital Photography and movie-making, production skills and even post-production. Pupils also get to learn enhanced photography and videography with DSLRs and HD video cameras, both Windows-based and Mac-based software such as Movie Maker, iMovie and many more!

Membership is open to all Primary 3 to Primary 6 pupils who are keen to pick up digital media skills. Pupils get to take part in various competitions that are held island-wide. They get to interact with pupils from other schools as they represent the school for competitions and pick up more skills along the way.


It aims to excite pupils about Info Comm in a fun and meaningful way by helping them to learn new skills and to cultivate leadership and entrepreneurship capabilities at an early age. 

 Training Days Time
Tuesdays2.05pm - 4.05pm


Mrs Marion Lim

Mdm Sufia

Mdm Suraya

Ms Uma

Miss Humairah

Participation / Achievements

School’s Digital Media Awards 2016 : 2 Merit awards 
Congratulations to Ysobel for winning 2 awards!

Photography Festival (PhotoFest) 2016: People’s Choice (Individual) Award Photography Festival (PhotoFest) 2016: Individual Special Mention Award
   School’s Digital Media Awards 2016.png
Kudos to our budding videographers!

 School’s Digital Media Awards 2017: 1 Gold award

School’s Digital Media Awards 2017.jpg
This competition provided a platform for pupils to express their creativity through different media and collaborate with their teachers and schoolmates.
   Photofest 20172nd runner-up in the Group Category & Special Mention award in the Individual Category 

  Our award winning photographersPhotofest 2017 1.jpg
Photofest 2017 2.jpgDave Tay from 6 Tulip captured this masterpiece and clinched the Special Mention award
 Our Schools, Our Stories (National Photography Competition) : Honourable Mention
 A peek at our winning photo story
We Sing.jpg

We Sing.

We Sing.

We sing in our school’s choir! At Woodlands Ring Primary, we don’t just study hard, we sing our hearts out too, belting out melodies within us. 

We Dance.jpg

We Dance.

When we dance, we feel every single ounce of our muscle burning with energy.  The spirit of our bodies lifts, whenever the music plays! Every movement moves our soul, every jump awakens our happy bones. Let’s dance!

We persevere.jpg

We Perservere.

When we play, we play hard. I might look small, but my heart to win is big. I focus and persevere to win.

We Bond.jpg 

We Bond.

A common sight in school. This is where we gather outside the dance studio, removing our shoes and laugh at each other’s stinky socks before the lesson starts.  Well, our shoes gather too, I wonder what they tell each other.
We aim high.jpg

We Aim High.

In our photography class, we were taught to look at things from different perspectives, one of it is to aim high. You’ll see new things you usually never will and learn about things from different perspectives.

Catching Our Pupils in Action,
Catching our pupils in action 1.jpg

Catching our pupils in action 2.jpg
Catching our pupils in action 3.jpg
Catching our pupils in action 4.jpg
Catching our pupils in action 5.jpg