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Mathematics Programmes & Facilities

In order to cultivate students' interest in Maths and enhance their mathematical knowledge, the department has prepared and organized different programmes for the different levels of students. The programs are as follows:

What is MBP? (Mathematics Buddies Programme)

It‘s a programme that the school has implemented whereby a younger pupil is weak in Math will be paired with a Math buddy. The buddy will help the pupil by going through Math problems with them everyday, except Wednesday. This will be done before school for the morning from 7am to 7.15am

Vibrant , safe, Learning Environment
    Using cubes as counters in one of the lesson                Do you need help? I can count with you.
    This is the way you draw circles.. 1,2,3..             Can you see egg cartons? Are they selling eggs during lesson?

Math @ Work at Math Corner

In view of creative thinking and thinking schools, the department has planned and prepared different resources to enhance students' creative thinking. The teachers have tried to inject different and interesting hands-on activities into the curriculum so that learning can be more creative and fun.

In addition to it, a Math Corner is set up with interesting games and charts to enhance students' learning power and arouse their interest in the subject.