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The Art Club aims to develop patience, self-determination, curiosity, creativity, passion and love for art in its members. We aim to nurture our Art Club members into artists of the future, with the hope that they will pursue Art in their future course of study.

Membership is open to all Primary 2 to Primary 6 pupils who like to create, draw and paint. Activities carried out include drawing and painting, collage, clay-modelling, paper craft, visits to museums, outdoor sketching and on-the-spot art competitions. Members are encouraged to represent the school in various art competitions and events.

Training days



2.05pm – 5.05pm


The Art Club provides various opportunities for exploration of a wider range of art making techniques and materials. Pupils immerse themselves in meaningful art making sessions to not only learn more about how Art can be created, but also explore different ways in which Art can be used to touch lives and spread joy. During CCA sessions, members also learn more about traditional art forms, such as Henna art, Chinese painting, and Malay Jawi Calligraphy. These learning opportunities allow the pupils to develop a deeper appreciation for different cultures and traditions, and how together as one, we are Singaporeans.


Art Competitions :

- KAO Eco-friendly Children's Art Competition

- Ocean Conservation Art (In-conjunction with Resort World Singapore)


- Ang Pao fish crafts for distribution during Lunar New Year

- Art Booth to raise funds for the needy

- Recycling efforts to do our part for a greener world

Teachers ICs

Mdm Liane Nonis

Mdm Liang Gui Ping

Miss Syahirah

Mdm Hayati

Mdm Patricia Koh



SYF Art 2017

SYF 2017 Category B - Submission  

Category B: Fantasy Playground (Certificate of Recognition)

To be exhibited @Scape, Orchard from July, 2017 

SYF 2017 Category C - Submission

 Category C: Our Wasted Space (Certificate of Participation)