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The Infocomm Club offers pupils an exciting 3-year journey into Digital Media. Under the guidance of our trainers, pupils will learn Digital Photography, Animation, movie-making, audio production, production skills and even post-production. Pupils will also get to learn enhanced photography and videography with DSLRs and HD video cameras, and Mac-based software such as Garageband, iPhoto, Frame by Frame, iMovie and many more!

Membership is open to all Primary 3 to Primary 6 pupils who are keen to pick up IT skills. Pupils will get to take part in various competitions that are held island-wide. They will get to interact with pupils from other schools as they represent the school for competitions, and pick up more skills along the way.

Training days



2.05pm – 4.05pm


It aims to excite pupils about Info Comm  in a fun and meaningful way by helping them to learn new info comm skills and to cultivate leadership and entrepreneurship capabilities at an early age.

Teacher ICs

Mdm Soh Hoon Suu

Mrs Marion Lim

Mr Janssen Cheah



School’s Digital Media Awards 2016: 2 Merit Awards

Their entries titled “The Love Of Giving” and “The Choice” underpin the importance of values such as care and integrity.

Info Comm - Group Photo

The Choice - QR Code

The Choice

The Love of Giving - QR Code

The Love Of Giving

Scan these codes  or visit https://tinyurl.com/the-choice-sdma16 and https://tinyurl.com/love-of-giving-sdma16 to watch our award-winning videos.

National Photography 2016

             Individual Special Mention Award –Ysobel Velasquez

             People’s Choice Award- Ysobel Velasquez

             Certificate of Participation - Ysobel Velasquez, Dhiivyesh, Yu Zuo MIng