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Department Introduction

The Science Department aims to impart scientific knowledge and skills needed to understand the world we live in. We inculcate in our pupils the love for Science as well as a sense of appreciation and care for nature.

We provide pupils with tangible learning experiences through activities to stimulate critical thinking, development of process skills and problem-solving opportunities. We seek to arouse pupils' curiosity about the world of living things around them and offer them a first-hand encounter with the world of nature through learning outside the classroom. We encourage pupils to explore and learn beyond books.

With engaging teachers and engaging programmes that are supported with varied resources, we aim to enthuse our pupils, so that they are interested in the subject, and will do their best.

Vision and Mission


Teachers and pupils are PASSIONATE LEARNERS;

Teachers as the leaders of inquiry and pupils as the inquirers.


We build on our pupils’ interest, stimulate their curiosity and develop their skills, habits of mind and attitudes for positive influences on people and the environment.

Specific Programmes

Programme What is it about Target Group
Science Connects (Science Project Work) Primary Objectives of PW:
  • Sustain pupils’ curiosity and passion for learning in Science
  • Engage pupils in experiential learning in authentic contexts

Secondary Objectives of PW:
  • Heighten pupils’ environmental awareness
  • Develop pupils’ confidence as they engage in team-based and independent work
  • Hone pupils’ organisational and research skills
  • Develop pupils’ life skills such as knowledge application and collaboration
All pupils are engaged in the 6-year Science Project Work. The pupils will be on a learning journey beond the textbook.

 The 6-year programme is as follows :
Level Title Description
P1 Cover-up Finding out about the Outer Body Covering of Animals. Learning Journey to the zoo.
P2 Food-for-thought Finding out about food relationship of organisms. Learning Journey to the Singapore Science Centre.
P3 AMAZing Com of Coloured Corn Plants
P4 Effective Micro-organisms (EM) Compositing Recycling food wastes
P5 ALOHA Phase 2 (Dehydrating Orchid and Product-Making) Phase 3 (Orchid Cultivation)
P6 Whole-world in your hand Terrarium-making - Understanding the interdependence of organisms in nature ecology

Specific Programmes

ProgrammeWhat is it aboutTarget Group
Science Carnival

The Science Carnival is an annual event which brings together six schools in the North 5 Cluster in collaboration with organisations such as the National Environment Agency (NEA), Singapore Environment Council (SEC), NW CDC and selected Non-Governmental Organisations.


(1)  Engaging pupils at WRPS and the N5 Cluster schools (Primary Science) to learn more about life and physical sciences through fun & exciting activities.

(2)  Enhancing collaboration among the 6 Primary Science Cluster Schools.

(3)  Bringing to our doorsteps environmental-focus exhibitions from NEA/SEC/NGOs.

Primary 1 - Primary 6

Primary 6 showcase science project in show-and-tell

5. Science Carnival

Organise the N5 Cluster Science Carnival @ WRPS 2013 in collaboration with these Partners-in-Education: (S, A, R)

  • 6 other primary schools in N5 cluster
  • National Environment Agency (NEA)
  • Singapore Environment Council (SEC)
  • NW CDC
  • NGOs such as Nature Society/Cicada Tree/Hemisphere

A. Objectives/Outcomes :

(1)Engaging pupils at WRPS and the N5 Cluster schools (Primary Science) to learn more about life and physical sciences through fun & exciting activities.

(2)Enhancing collaboration among the 7 Primary Science Cluster Schools.

(3)Bringing to our doorsteps environmental-focus exhibitions from NEA/SEC/NGOs.

Science Committee

NameDesignation (2018)
Lim Kok KiongHead of Department (Science) - Covering
Mrs Jenny OngLH Science
Mdm Saliema SSD, Science Committee Member 
Mr Chua Ching Chong SH/NE, Science Committee Member 
Mdm Siti Mazni SH / Discipline, Science Committee Member 
Mdm Mazlindah Green Audit Ambassador
Ms Chin Shu Fei Science Committee Member 
Ms Ivy Soo Science Committee Member
Mrs Rita Chew Science Committee Member 
Ms Stella Jean Science Committee Member 
Mdm Gitty Khoo Science Committee Member 
Mr Edward Science Committee Member