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CCE Team

Woodlands Ring Primary School’s vision of Passionate Learners, Gracious Citizen’ stems from its belief that Character and Citizenship development is one of the key factors towards the holistic development of its pupils. It is centered on the WRPS core values which we hope to inculcate in the pupils to equip them to be citizens of good character. These values are driven by  Social Emotional Competencies - skills necessary for children to recognize and manage their emotions, develop care and concern for others, make responsible decisions, establish positive relationships, as well as handle challenging situations effectively. which will guide the behaviour of all those in WRPS. 


Character Education Citizenship Education
CCE LessonsSocial Studies Curriculum
Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP)NE Core Events
 Values in Action P4 to P6 Heritage Tours
 Programme for Active Learning (PAL) 
 Assembly Talks