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ICT Team


ICT Vision

To create an ICT Learning environment where pupils can take charge of their own learning using the relevant ICT tools.

ICT Goals

  1. Students to achieve a minimum “pass” grade in the ICT Baseline Standards on-line Test.

  2. Project Work will be carried out using ICT skills.

  3. Non-Instructional Programmes wil have an element ICT within their assignments.

  4. All Instructional Programmes will include ICT-based Lessons.

  5. All Instructional Programmes will include ICT-based Lessons which focus on self-directed and collaborative learning.

  6. Pupils will be responsible for their own well-being online.                    

Integration in Curriculum

1. Infuse ICT skills learn through ICT Learning Journey into the curriculum

2. Establish a culture where pupils respect other’s work and creation

Professional Development

3. Create a pool of ICT savvy teachers who are willing to experiment and try new ideas

4. Establish a culture of transfer of ICT Learning among staff

Pupils’ Training

5. Provide a platform for pupils to learn independently

6. Create a pool of ICT savvy pupils to assist teachers and their classmates in the area of ICT/AVA