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Mathematics Academic Team

Team Introduction

The Mathematics Department is committed to develop student’s interest in Mathematics so that they can solve problems confidently and effectively, apply Mathematics in their daily life and meet future challenges.

Based on the Framework of the Singapore Mathematics Curriculum, we aim to:

  • coach students in the attainment of mathematical concepts and skills;
  • heighten students’ learning through the development of metacognitive capabilities and;
  • inspire students to cultivate a love for Mathematics.

Vision and Mission

VisionEvery student learns to apply Mathematics in their daily life and to meet future challenges
MissionTo help every student to develop an interest in Mathematics so as to be a confident and effective problem solver

Specific Programmes

Programme What is it about Target Group

Explicit Teaching of Problem Solving using Heuristics and Word Problem Concepts


To develop students’ problem solving skills, anchoring on Polya’s Problem Solving Approach, through the teaching of heuristics and word problem concepts 

All students from Primary One to Six

Mathematics Olympiad Preparatory Course

  • To develop creative mathematical thinking and problem solving abilities.
  • To expose pupils to challenging and critical thinking questions.
  • To prepare them for the Mathematics Olympiad Competition.

Selected Students from Primary Four to Six
 Thinking Maps  

  • To complement the teaching of Mathematics Heuristics.
  • To expose students to off-the-norm multiple approaches to problem solving.

Selected students from Primary Six
Booster Programme 

  • To focus on the application of basic Mathematics concepts.
  • To develop problem solving abilities for word problems.
  • To experience success and build confidence in Mathematics. 

Selected students from Primary Six

Names of Staff

Danny Mikhail ChayHead of Department, Mathematics
Mdm Siti Mariam Ramli Level Head, Mathematics
Mrs Karine Kheng Senior Teacher, Mathematics 
S. Chandra Senior Teacher, Mathematics 
Mrs Chim-Chan Ying Ling Learning Support for Mathematics Coordinator 
Mdm Noordiana Head of Department, PE, CCA and Aesthetics 
Mr Vikneshwaran Head of Department, Information and Communications Technology 
Mr Nelavannan Level Head, Information and Communications Technology 
Mrs Elaine Ong Teacher 
Miss Lee Shu Qi Teacher 
Mr Janssen Cheah Teacher 
Mr Edmund Chen Teacher 
Mrs Sharon Toh Teacher 
Mr Ahmad Tarmizi Teacher 
Mrs Kavitha Ong Learning Support for Mathematics Teacher
Mdm Yuellana AED, Teaching and Learning